Selected Publications

Economic shocks and lottery sales: an examination of Maine State lottery sales

Gabrielyan, Gnel, David R Just . Applied Economics. (2020): 1-14

Hoppiness is Happiness? Under-fertilized Hop Treatments and Consumers' Willingness to Pay for Beer

Gabrielyan, Gnel,Thomas L Marsh, Jill J McCluskey, and Carolyn F Ross. Journal of Wine Economics 13, no. 2 (2018): 160-81.

A Behavioral Intervention to Encourage School Children to Eat New Biofortified Foods in Nigeria

David R. Just, Julius J. Okello, Gnel Gabrielyan et al. The European Journal of Development Research (2022 ): 1-23.

The Halo Effect of Biofortification Claims on Taste Inference and Purchase Intention

Tong Chen, Gnel Gabrielyan, Mitsuru Shimizu, Ping Qing

Willingness to Pay for Sensory Attributes in Beer

Gabrielyan, Gnel, Jill J McCluskey, Thomas L Marsh, and Carolyn F Ross. Agricultural and Resource Economics Review 43, no. 1 (2014): 125-39.

Who’s Adopting the Smarter Lunchroom Approach? Individual Characteristics of Innovative Food Service Directors

Gabrielyan, Gnel, Drew S. Hanks, Kathryn Hoy, David R. Just, and Brian Wansink. Evaluation and Program Planning, 60 (2017): 72-80.

Influencing the food choices of SNAP consumers: Lessons from economics, psychology and marketing

Just, David R., and Gnel Gabrielyan. Food Policy 79, (2018): 309-17.

Food and Consumer Behavior: Why the Details Matter

Just, David R., and Gnel Gabrielyan. Agricultural Economics Journal. (2016).

Working Papers

Internal Validity check for Food-Choice Experiments (with David Just)

Effect of Logo Visibility on Brand Recognition and Willingness to Pay (with David Just)

Can Changing the Position of Online Menu Items Increase Sales of Fruit and Vegetable Snacks? A Cluster Randomized Trial Within an Online Canteen System in Australian Primary Schools (with Rebecca Wyse, Luke Wolfenden, Serene Yoong and others)

High Expectations and Consumer Behavior: An Evidence from an Animated Movie Industry (with David Just)

That’s not My Style: U.S. Beer Preferences in the Expanded Market (with Thomas L. Marsh, Jill McCluskey, and Carolyn Ross)